Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's My Motivation?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Tidbits

Ever since our little Nancy Reagan launched her "Just Say NO" campaign, things have been a little testy around here. Everything receives one answer. E would you like some juice? NO! E is the world flat? NO!! E do these pants make me look fat? NO!!! Yep, that expanding vocabulary I mentioned is now contracting to a mere 2 letter word. Goodness we are getting creative around here.

I made my first bid on Ebay, which is the closest I'll ever get to online gambling. I lost of course. I knew I should have gone to MIT.

R & I watched Dan in Real Life again. I love that movie. Perhaps because it foreshadows our future with daughters. R is looking forward to being a "murder of love" and greeting boyfriends with a shotgun. I on the other hand, look forward to the organized chaos and endless drama.

G-bean is devastated that school has ended as am I. She is comforting herself with our summer's supply of Popsicles and long rides on her bike. She is all about 'circle toast' (English muffins), character band-aids that cure everything, sporting tank tops & pig tails, decapitating tulips and mothering E. G-bean has been quite confused as of late wondering if no really means no due to E's new one word wonder. Yes G-bean, no means 'don't ask again', maybe means 'drop it' and yes means 'yes & remember how cool I am when you are a teenager'. See clear as mud!

R & I celebrated our 8th anniversary! To quote the infamous Micheal Jackson, "And they said it wouldn't last." It was a glorious occasion. We went out to dinner and grocery shopping. It doesn't get much hotter than that. Ooooh maybe if you threw in a sink full of dishes, poopy diaper change and detailing my car that would really turn up the heat. Now that makes my heart go pitterpatter. You might even consider that foreplay. We have actually been courting one another for the past 15 years. We don't count the spitballs in 3rd grade. So half of my life, I have been with this strange fellow named R. I think he's a keeper.

We have a revolving door at our nudist colony. E has figured out how to take her clothes off at nap time. Now she winds down by stripping and wakes up in the buff. As for G-bean, she has decided that it is now kosher to sleep in age 4.

That's us in a nutshell this week... or shall I say that's us in the nut house this week! I have to go, R just invited me to watch Pride & Prejudice. I think...No, I know it's a trick to get me off the computer...but I'm falling for it. Doogie Howser signing off.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Latest & Greatest

Life under our big top is rolling along. Most days, I am lucky to keep up. Let's see the cliff notes... Palm Springs with R's family, my 30th b-day, family gatherings, Cinqo de Mayo party, Jazz playoffs, basketball tournaments, fieldtrips, co-oping at G-bean's school, speaking in church, playdates, soccer, etc. Hmmmm I am sure there is more...perhaps I blocked it out. This is what I do know about the latest and greatest for our little ladies.

Miss G-bean the dancing queen is still styling her way through life. She wakes up at 6:45am every morning and quickly dresses herself in her latest fashion creation. She then proceeds to the living room for her morning dose of "shows" while eating breakfast with dad. E & I show up on the scene at a more reasonable hour. G-bean loves to write her letters and draw pictures. She has now found a way to combine both passions... making signs. She has posted a sign on her door to keep E out. E only has permission to enter at bedtime. Oh the things cartoons teach. Her new catch phrase "Things are about to get crazy in here". She is quite the little mother packing her little sis all over the house. When she wakes up from her nap, she sneaks across the hall and breaks E out of the porta-crib. She tips it over, E rolls out giggling and it's off to play. I love this age, because G-bean is my little helper and friend. When we cook, she ties on my apron and helps plan the menu. The other day we sat in a patch of sun on the carpet and read cookbooks like romance novels. We like to crank up the music and practice our new dance moves. She is absolutely thrilled that she now has the 'longest hair' in our family. I think she has developed the Pantene hair toss. It's so fun to have big girl conversations and see the world through her eyes. She likes to point out things that only 'big girls' get to do. My most favorite thing of all is the bond I see with G-bean and E. When we close the door at night, we hear nothing but giggles and the squeak of bed springs until they both pass out from exhaustion.

E is our little Muppet. She waddles through her day with her Monkee's mullet and toothy grin. E has her pudgy hands in everything. Her mantra 'Leave nothing untouched or untasted'. She likes to motor around the house mimicking her big sis by attempting to ride scooters, try on sparkle shoes, and chew on Barbies. After a hard days play, she has 2 ways of sleeping: 1- like she has fallen out of the sky without a parachute, 2-like a rhinoceros that has been tranquilized. She is quirky. She is climbing everything! We keep finding her on table tops, scaling high chairs, and on top of boxes. In her spare time, she is still fighting the tartar war by rummaging through our toothpaste drawer. G-bean posted a sign on the drawer discouraging such behavior, but E conveniently can't understand signage. As a result, E eats about a tablespoon of Dora toothpaste a day. There has got to be some nutritional value in that. She has learned that infamous word that makes a parent's blood run cold... "NO". Fortunately she is still testing it out. I love her expanding vocabulary. For better or worse, she understands everything we are saying. Yikes!

Even though life feels crazy, this is such a magical time. Glad we could share it with you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Welcome to Suburbia!

Soccer season has kicked off once again! We have dusted off our theme song of "Busta Move" and we are rollin' on out to the field. G-bean's dedication to the sport has increased slightly. While she still hugs her best friend M, dances around and makes grass pies on the field (most of the time), she has had moments of greatness. E on the other hand, mans the sidelines as cheerleader and guardian of halftime treats. It's a family affair!