Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deep Thoughts by G-Bean

Lately we have had some lively discussions with our resident red-head. The questions are definitely getting more difficult. I feel like I need more time to collect my thoughts! Here are these blue eyes full of wonder waiting to absorb any information I give her as fact. No pressure right? I do not relish in this type of authority. I do not profess to know it all, nor do I want too. But when she asks, I can practically hear the Jeopardy music begin to play. Let me give you some examples.

-Question: Mom, where did I come out of and HOW?
-Answer: G-bean, I myself often wonder about that. Mommy was very happy (medicated) at the time and can't remember all of the details. But you came into this world in style.

-Question: Mom, can Daddy grow a cool mustache? Can I have one too?
-Answer: Well, Dad can grow one, but he starts to creep out the neighbors. And girls
can't grow mustaches. [RETRACTION] Actually honey, there are some women who can grow
some really nice ones, but don't stare directly at them. If mommy ever grows one when she gets old, it is your responsibility to wax it.

-Question: Mom, do you and Daddy have "True Love's Kiss"? (She watches Enchanted ALOT!)Answer: Some days. And the days we don't... Well, we just have to work a little harder for the magic.

-Reaction: That's not like the movie.

Mom Reaction: Yeah that stuff is propaganda.

Question: What's propaganda?

*And to think, we have only just begun to answer life's mysteries.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whenever we go to Maja & Papa T's house (aka grandparent's house), it's always an adventure. A few weekends ago we had a game night & sleepover. We love going to their house because we hunker down in their kitchen and cook like mad scientists. Everyone gets to come up with their own concoction for us all to sample. G-bean specializes in veggie dips. We dance, visit, bake, bathe, and whatever else we can think of. On this particular rainy weekend, we made chocolate chip cookies while bathing E. E had the ingenious idea of combining 2 of her passions, eating hot cookies in the bath. Meanwhile, G-bean got a "mani & pedi" from one of her favorite aunts. Maja danced around like a crazy lady and our faithful Jack dog stood watch (hoping E would drop a cookie).

Since the men of our family are clearly outnumbered, they tend to make themselves scarce once all the 'hens' gather. Instead of running for the hills, they headed out for a round of golf. The weather did break for a little outdoor recreation. The girls even got to feed horses and pet a 'baby horse'. It was a great escape! Thanks again.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Okay, I am just going to say it... Every night I tuck in my children and every morning I tuck in my muffin top! I only enjoy the night time routine. Summer is a painful season. It's baring it all at the neighborhood pool in hopes that your kid will learn to swim before people realize that is not an innertube built into your suit. Let us strip away the layers of fleece & wool only to see what hibernation, children & a long winter have left behind. Speaking of behinds, the other day while donning my summer duds I compared the look of my backside to 2 pigs wrestling in a blanket. Sorry, I am a visual person.

Never fear, I am a firm believer that I got myself into this mess, so I can exercise my way out of it. Hence the Sunday night re-dedication to fitness. Here is a week in review. Monday went fairly well until we got kicked out of the 'Mommy gym'. Yep, E formed a union of kids with an aversion to mothers working out. Tuesday, G-bean and I attempted to do Pilate's, which became a demonstration in how flexible 4 year olds are and how 30 year olds should feel lucky to fasten their own bra. Upon completing 50 minutes of pretzel impressions and back bends, G-bean hovered around me for the rest of the day concerned about my back. Is my age and lack of physical prowess that obvious? Wednesday hmmmmmm Wednesday. I ate a back of chips while watching a fitness show. As if that wasn't ambitious enough, I attempted to clean my house to the beat of my workout mix. I think I broke a sweat. We did go for a bike ride, but due to the 90 lbs of fun (kids & trailer) hooked to my bike we had to avoid major hills. To the average passerby, it looked like I was pedaling in slow motion on the slightest grade. Today...well I've got an hour before bed maybe I'll come up with something. I just flexed and I think I pulled something- let's call it a day.

The point of this whole diatribe is this, fitness is exhausting. It's one more area of life that you have to exert yourself and hope for results. Sounds like marriage and kids! Sometimes I feel like I could see more results by banging my head against the wall for 3 reps of 12.

So I am asking for ideas, because my whole sit & be fit routine isn't working. Plus, I know my path in life is paved with baked goods, so how do I find the balance and my 16 year old behind?