Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Man on Campus

Without further adieu, we would like to introduce the newest member of our merry little band... Rockwell Henry. He is preceded by 2 great Rock's & 2 great Henry's, so he has some big shoes to fill. All in good time. We'll just work on filling out his clothes for now.
It's definitely been an interesting adjustment. Balancing 3 kids, driving around with 3 car seats, dressing, feeding & refereeing 3 wild Indians- it's a little crazy! Everyone seems to be surviving so far. If you drive by and see a white flag out, it means I have surrendered to the little people and assistance is required. Until then, we will continue to take life 20 minutes at a time.
Thanks for all the well wishes!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The little man has finally arrived!! He made his debut on Sunday, February 15th at 6:33pm. He was a dashing 7 lbs & 12 oz and a lengthy 20 inches long. All went well with delivery and first week of life. I have found a cure for sleep deprivation. If I alternate holding one eye lid closed during the day, it counts as sleep. It pretty much looks like I am giving the stink eye, but I do feel somewhat refreshed after. The girls are doting big sisters and enjoy holding (mauling) baby brother. G-bean told me that the baby smiles like George Washington. E's response is "ooohhh cute!" or "baby yock long nap". R is enjoying some extra testosterone in the house. Already they have taken in several basketball games and golf tournaments together.

We are withholding pictures, because we thought we'd pull a Suri Cruise. We are going to wait until we get a Vanity Fair spread to introduce him to the world. Just kidding. I am having trouble downloading pictures. It's a 50% technical issue and a 50% mom is not functioning on all cylinders issue. Don't worry, R the IT guy is on it. Pictures to come.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Week 39

Stick a fork in me...I'm done. We are now in week 39. The little man is in a holding pattern and refuses to land. I have given him all the signs that it is time. As a true man, he just doesn't get it. The end is in sight though. Induction day is February 15th. What a glorious day!

My present feelings can best be described by an old camp song. "My back is aching, my belt's too tight, my hips are shaking from left to right." Presently, this little diddy is the soundtrack of my life. It keeps me marching forward towards that lovely and much anticipated delivery date.
I can do it! Or as Obama would say "Yes We Can!"

P.S. Karma strikes again! I am being induced tomorrow and G-bean threw up in the middle of the night. Real funny! I have cloroxed every surface of my house (light switches included).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 38- Karma

The heavens have a sense of humor. This time the joke is on me. I have been talking a pretty good game about being ready to deliver baby #3. Lately, I have felt like I am living my life in a waiting room. I am going stir crazy waiting for everything to change and wanting to get to work on life with 3 kiddos. Delusional right? Well, that is where my insanity has stopped. I have yet to take drastic measures or attempt any hair brain wives tales (besides the inflatables). Believe me, at this stage there is no end to the advice one receives on expediting delivery. Suggestions of wild mushroom pizza, swinging on swings, eating a specific salsa, Castor oil cocktails, spicy food, new age massages, sex (hello- that's what got me into this mess), jumping on a trampoline, hiking, etc. Pick your poison.

Well after my weekly meet & greet with the doctor, I have made little progress. Pretty much my uterus is a steel trap. Although that was not her official diagnosis that is what I heard. Discouraged, I spent my drive home pondering which supposed labor inducing technique I should try. Perhaps I could massage my back with salsa while downing a Castor oil cocktail in between jumps on the trampoline with a spot of curry rubbed behind my ears followed by a hike to the hospital. Brilliant!

This is where the humor comes in...Upon waking up the next morning, my kids have colds and Miss E has the flu. So far, the score today is 4 rounds of retching, 5 outfit changes for E, 3 outfit changes for mom, 4 loads of laundry, and endless amounts of Clorox. Do I want to have this baby right now? Nope. I'll wait another week.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bounce Back

Like father like son...the little man enjoys a good hot tub and refuses to get out.
How do I know this, well I recently tried to coerce the baby out with another trip to inflatable land. For family night, R & I took the crew to the "bouncy place" for some good times. R had the audacity to question my motives accusing me of trying to induce labor. What?! I mean just because I cleaned the house from top to bottom, showered and had a date with the blow dryer does not mean that I am ready to have a baby. Okay, so maybe just a little. But it was also a last attempt to be a fun mom before I go into zombie mode and lock down. Mission completed...kind of. At the end of the evening, we were successful in the fun parent department but not so successful in the baby induction one.