Saturday, August 30, 2008

We survived our first "Football Saturday" of the season. Believe me, R has been counting down the days. His manhood was definitely not in question today. He did yard work, watched football and ate beef. It doesn't get manlier than that. Short of pounding his chest and carrying a club around, the testosterone was flowing. As for the estrogen, the girls and I did our best to steer clear of pigskin central.

Other updates, G-bean had her first trip to the dentist where he gave her a no thumb-sucking mandate. We now tuck her it with a customized frowny face band-aid on her beloved digit. So far, so good. We went on a Mommy & G-bean date to the new 3D movie Fly me to the Moon. G-bean looked like a cross between Elvis Costello & Helen Keller as she blindly grabbed at the air trying to touch the characters in her fashionable specs. It doesn't get much better than that...until G-bean attempts to dress R up in a cowgirl outfit.

E has decided that diapers are slowing her down. It's now a common occurrence to see two bare cheeks go running by. We have had to reinstate the 'onesie' due to our resident streaker. She too must give up her night time comfort...the Binky. It's that or billy bob teeth. I am pretty sure she'll thank me when she's older. She is all about jumping, climbing, giving 'bones', dancing, and following her favorite big sis. She loves that G-bean will sing & entertain her to sleep at night. Plus, she thinks it's pretty awesome that G-bean has taught her how to sit upside down on the couch. The upside down contorting has now carried over to church. She chose to sit that way for a good portion of Sunday's meeting. Whatever keeps the midget still!!

As for the mothership, I am vertical. I am also craving a cupcake. Signing off...

P.S. Check out R in the background of the picture of E painting with pudding. She was slathered from head to toe with pudding and R was totally stressed out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Head Cases

It has been confirmed. I am living with a bunch of head cases...I am their ring leader. Where to begin? Well, let's just say that August has been the month of head traumas at our house.

It all started a few Saturdays ago on a trip to Costco. Until then, it was such a happy place. Bulk shopping, samples, churros, footie pajamas and a lot of stuff that you don't need but buy anyway. We were loading up when Miss G-bean fell backwards out of our cart and landed on her head. She deserved a gold medal for her dismount. She also earned a one-way ticket to the ER. I am going to let you in on a little secret. The quickest way to get a room and be seen by a doctor is to have your child throw up all over the waiting room, you, and the people around you. Poor G-bean was so out of it. Mom (aka me) was trying to stay calm and with it while holding a bag of frozen corn to her head. A few exams, tests, doctors, CT scan and IV later, we landed ourselves a one night stay in the hospital. As the evening wore on, G-bean perked up and we started to see glimpses of our spunky red head. I think she even thought our unexpected adventure was fun. Nice nurses, stuffed animals, movies, Mom all to yourself, stickers, room service...need I say more. In a 4 year olds eyes that starts to feel like the 4 seasons. To make a long story short, we learned that kids bounce even on their heads. We were lucky. So Miss G-bean is back in action living to tell the tale. She has made a full recovery, but it's definitely tempting to blame any future ill behavior on the fall and not our parenting.

Head case number 2 aka kiddo numero dos, E. We had the pleasure of swimming with friends this week. Water, friends, good conversation, sunshine, kids occupied...and then E decided to pick a fight with a cinder block wall. It didn't necessarily happen that way, but by the way her face looks she definitely lost. Poor E was kicking back some animal crackers, catching some rays, taking in the scene when she dropped her snack. In her attempt to launch a rescue mission, she tipped over in her chair backwards (yep, backwards once again!) and had some face time with a wall. We found out that she also bounces, but scratches easily. She now has a nice raspberry on her forehead, nose, wrist & elbow. I think she is truly rocking the look. It adds to her scrappy nature and street cred. G-bean has even backed down once or twice when they've gone head to head over a toy.

As for the other head cases in our house (Mom & Dad), our symptoms can't be linked to a particular injury. It's just life. Let's just say it's been a wild summer. In fact, we refer to it as the "Summer of Survival". Here's to hoping for a slower paced Fall.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our YaYa Sisterhood

Meet my YaYa's. There are no traveling pants in our sisterhood. Skirts & dresses are the preferred uniform. I don't know whether G-bean is taming the lion or attempting to feed E to it. It depends on the day.