Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Once Upon a Lego

It all started with a Lego. It was a typical morning. Just a few pajama clad kids with sweet bed head watching their morning cartoons atop a pile of Legos... until something went awry. We have yet to hear a logical explanation, but to make a long story snort (I mean short- HA!) G-bean ended up with a Lego up her nose.

Thank goodness the doctors office was on speed dial. After explaining our predicament to a seasoned nurse, she offered to schedule an appointment OR if I was willing to try, an unconventional solution. This is not for the faint of heart. As I laid G-bean down on the floor, I looked into her panic stricken eyes and calmly said "this is going to be awkward for both of us". I then plugged her unobstructed nostril and blew into her mouth. Yep, mouth to mouth on a conscious and breathing person. That just proves how much I didn't want to lug 4 kids to a doctors office. After a few attempts and farmer blows, it was time to check our progress. With my trusty headlamp, I was able to spot that stubborn little building block and it was still quite lodged.

All the while, E-claire & B-rock were watching in horror. Not one to pass up a teaching moment, I blew some more hot air aka words of wisdom. 'Yes, children let this be a lesson to you. What goes up, does not come back down without assistance. The nose is an exit not an entrance. Tell all your fingers and friends.' Who needs an after school special!

Back to the task at hand, the Lego extraction. Because I was winded from all of my resuscitation and education efforts, I enlisted the help of some tweezers. With a steady hand (thank you Operation game), the lego was successfully removed from her nasal cavity. And just like that, G-bean's dreams of playing the nose flute were restored.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Montana State of Mind

This weekend we made our first attempt at taking this fearsome foursome on the road. We are proud to report that we all survived. The kids partied like it was 1776 with fireworks and mosquito bites! Great company, good food, and gorgeous surroundings, it was just what we needed.

And There Were 4...

We would like to welcome the fourth and final act to our circus. Meet Mr. T.