Monday, April 27, 2009

Jackie Bear

This past weekend we lost our beloved Jack. Because we loved him like a person, he deserves a proper send off.

Jack aka Jackie Bear, Man dog, Jack Jack & Jack dog was born July 24th, 2003. When it came to finding the perfect dog, he chose us. Out of a litter of 16, he sat quietly amongst the puppy chaos and stared at us with his wise brown eyes. He was a handsome, gentle, loving, playful, and protective companion. He took his job of taking care of us very seriously. Jack would always wait on the hiking trail and stand guard on the front porch. He was patient with all of the little people we had acquired over the years even though it meant he moved further down the totem pole. Jack tolerated dress ups, fished bath toys out of the tub, stole stuffed animals to sleep with and parked right under the dinner table at meal time. He wore many hats or shall we say collars, he was the foreman always making sure everything was in working order. He was the lifeguard retrieving sticks and keeping an eye on the kids at the lake. He was our happy wanderer always up for a hike, mountain bike ride or a trail ride with the horses. He loved to help deliver the mail on our whole street with the mail lady. He loved to lay right in the middle of all of the action and play traffic controller. He moonlighted as a college mascot accompanying Meg to work on campus. We called him the dog park ambassador, because he had to greet everyone. He loved to spoon and would snuggle up to any willing participant. He enjoyed going to the park where he was loved by all the children. He was very busy in his 5 years.

Jack was loving and loyal to the end. Our last night when he was so sick, he mustered the strength to say goodbye and let us know that he would be okay. He let us love him until it was time to join his sister Ellie in that big dog park in the sky. He was an old soul trapped in his 5 years young body. Jack was our gentle giant. He will be missed everyday.

Jack was preceded by Ellie, Cleo and a whole host of four-legged friends. He leaves behind a huge fan club. Services will be held at one of his most favorite places in the world, Montana.

Guess what our week brings?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Fever

We all have spring fever at our house...some worse than others. Our little E has the itch to not wear a stitch. Translation, she has started her own little nudist colony right in our home. She will not wear clothes or diapers for that matter. The second I dress her, she breaks a landspeed record in removing every article of clothing. She is a free spirit! At nap or bedtime when left to her own devices, she will strip herself and the bed. Yep, we often find her jumping up and down on a plastic mattress in her birthday suit. I am all for a little nudity, but this is an activity that she engages in at all hours. The other night we caught her red handed doing her Houdini act at 3:30am!

If you will recall, there was a previous post where I had to employ some questionable tactics to treat E's state of undress. Well, it has come to that again. Long live DUCT TAPE!! We are back to taping our child into her diaper. She did manage to escape twice yesterday slinging her wet diaper across the room, but we have since perfected her silver harness.
Last night as we were saying prayers, sweet G-bean thanked Heavenly Father for duct tape. She then asked him to bless that E wouldn't be so crazy and that she would keep her clothes on. Hey whatever works! We are putting in orders with 'The Man' and in the meantime, we will use extra strength tape.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready for my Close up

I have a very talented friend who blessed us with some fabulous photos of the little man. We spent a snowy morning snapping pictures for her portfolio. We stuffed the naked little man in one container after another. Surprisingly, he was quite relaxed in the buff. Next time he's fussy, I am going to wrap him in a furry blanket and stuff his naked little body in a basket. For more photos on the little man, visit Melissa's website

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're Late! We're Late! For a Very Important Date!

We're Late! We're Late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! We're late! We're late! We're late!
Miss G-bean patiently waited to turn 5 in style. After checking our pocket watches, it was time. So we fell down the rabbit hole and threw her a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Holding out any longer would have meant off with our heads! Out numbered by little people, we spent 2 hours decorating hats, playing musical chairs, and running mad... All while dining on tea sandwiches, cupcakes & pink lemonade. The attire was whatever struck their fancy. Butterflies, princesses, a cheerleader, Alice in Wonderland, and fairies all attended. G-bean even managed a wardrobe change mid party. When you are the queen of hearts for a day, why not!!
** A big thank you to all the good fairies who helped behind the scenes!!**
Side note: G-bean has come up with this new "pretty pose" that she pulls out for pictures. She is currently coaching E on her best angles and hand placement. It has yet to take.

Suck it up (and in)

I am trying to get my act together with 3 kids. When you don't know what day it is, life is an adventure. I sleep with one eye open while dressed in a cape (doubles as a burp cloth) and sneakers (orthotics included). I function in 3-4 hour increments. Eat, play, sleep...with a lot of diaper changes and macaroni in between. I am lucky to keep up with meeting the most basic needs. I have contemplated changing my outgoing voice message to- "I can't come to the phone (or door) right now because I am either covered in some form of body fluid or I am being serenaded by screaming children. Leave a message and I will get back to you just as soon as I am finished rocking in the corner." Needless to say, the last 6 weeks have been a little hazy. But have no fear, we are doing life!

In an effort to stage my comeback, I have tentatively ventured out into the public domain. I've started with little trips to the park, library, grocery store, gym, church... yes church. And let me tell you on those occasions, we give thee thanks for spanx! Can I get a Hallelujah for squeezing into a spandex-free non-maternity garment?! When your body is stuck in limbo, you just have to suck it up and in! No time for loose parts- I've got people to feed and jobs to do! Besides, have you ever seen a super hero with a muffin top? Nope! Remember Wonder Woman's ensemble? She was cinching it in too! The days I play a shut in, it's sweats city. No thanks spanx. My body needs a break from defying gravity and all odds. Plus, my week old stretched out sweats add an element of mystery and make me feel like the hottest sleep deprived mama on the block!

Regardless of my uniform, life is good. Busy, but good. Whether I am keeping it together in spanx or letting in all hang out in sweats, my kids don't care as long as I continue to save their world one diaper and pot of mac at a time!!