Monday, July 14, 2008

Never Say Never

I learned quickly in life to never say never. For example, I will never admit my mad teenage crush for Jon from New Kids on the Block; I will never go to bed before the news; I will never act like that when I am married; I will never use engineered underwear in lieu of exercise; I will never make my kid do that when I am a parent; yada yada. I also said I would never wear a bra and thank goodness I went back on that one! My point is, eating your words is far less appetizing than eating cookies. So, NEVER SAY NEVER!

Well, I NEVER expected to find myself at the American Idol Tour Concert. Don't adjust your read it correctly. I myself avoided Idol fever, but my mom & mother-in-law weren't so lucky. In my whole life, I cannot recall my mother ever watching TV let alone following a series. (Too bad my children can't say the same.) It all changed when a smiley little fellow named David Archuletta hit the scene. Let's just say the mom squad's inner groupie emerged full force. Sunday dinners were spent discussing their weekly performances & critiques. The Moms even went as far as exchanging a downloaded Archuletta mix (adorned by a homemade cd cover with his picture on it). Crazy I know!

When opportunity knocks buy a ticket. So with the help of my in-laws & sister, I surprised my Mom and took her too the concert. Sandwiched between two uber fans, I witnessed both "Moms" squealing like teenagers and trading "AI" facts & favorite moments. When the concert started, you better believe they were perched on the edge of their seats with binoculars! These women were hard core. My sister I could not compete with their enthusiasm. I guess you reach a certain point in your life where you look for something or someone to believe in. Since all their children are raised, they chose "Archie". He's hotter than menopause & has the "pipes of an angel"!

Overall it was an entertaining evening. One I NEVER thought I'd experience, but one I am glad I did. I am always up for a party, but I was most excited to observe my 2 Mom's" rock out like school girls!

My only regret... not providing them with glittery homemade posters to wave around.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hip Hop Don't Stop

The fantasy has become a reality. Tonight I had my second Hip Hop dance class. I am now "a part of a rhythm nation." Thanks to my teacher and Janet Jackson. It is quite entertaining attempting to coordinate mind & body to the same beat. I think I have a 10 second delay or need for an oil can (watch out tin man). For my first class, I was tempted to make up a shady past and a sweet stage name just to get into character. Turns out, no one needs your name. They just want to see your moves. I did however subconsciously roll up one baggy pant leg, just to add to my street cred. I was trying to channel my inner LL Cool J. Thank goodness they didn't ask to see my abs. LL's hard to beat in that department.

This is quite an accomplishment for someone with a white girl rhythm and a dream. As a child I dabbled in modern dance, which only qualified me to flit across the stage like a leaf blowing in the wind while wearing a flesh colored unitard. UNTIL NOW! These days, I find myself bouncing to the beats of Usher and friends. My kids are treated to a rapper's delight on a daily basis. E sits in her high chair yelling "YEAH!" while waving her 'arms in the air like she just don't care'. G-bean is attempting to master the head spin on our wood floors. And I keep practicing those fabulous 3 counts of 8 that I learned in class. R finds the Hip Hop craze that has hit our house quite amusing. Don't worry, he's been known to bust a move, but I'm not supposed to advertise that. I will keep you posted on my progress. Next week we are learning how to "Pop & Lock". It's going to be off the chain. Right now I need to go take some Advil and ice my back. Dreams are hard work people! It's not all gold chains and glamour! If I keep this up, I am a boom box and a sheet of cardboard away from being a legit performer.

In the newly acquired words of G-bean, "You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself." WORD...