Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dog Day Afternoon

Recently G-bean and I read the book, Everybody Needs A Rock. If you haven't read it, you must. It gives 10 rules for selecting the perfect pebble. There truly is an art to this scavenger expedition. The most important rule of all, no one can do it for you! Little Miss Independent, G-bean really took to that rule.

On Saturday, the natives at our house were restless. G-bean & I decided to take our trusty 4 legged friend Jack to the dog park for some good old fashioned rock hunting. I quickly found out there could quite possibly be more than 1 perfect rock. Perhaps there could be 20 perfect rocks. Needless to say, the bag got heavy and the little lady got tired. Note to self, bring a wheelbarrow next time.

Thank goodness I already found my Rock, because he wouldn't fit in the bag.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Misery Loves Company

They say that misery loves company...that would be the case with Miss E's pearly whites. It wasn't enough to want 2 (more) front teeth for Christmas or wait to find a diamond encrusted rapstar grill in her stocking, E decided to take matters into her own hands (or should I say mouth). As a result, she is currently working on 4 top teeth and a new bottom tooth. Yowsers! Drool, teething tablets and gnawing on germ infested surfaces are all the rage at our house. If you happen to drop by, watch out for our little ankle-biter.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Me & My Gang

These are my peeps. We are an unruly group! We jump in unattended leaf piles. We sing at the top of our lungs off key. We ride as fast as we can on princess scooters. We loiter at the local Maverick for ice cream. We throw caution and schedules to the wind. The dirtier our adventures get the better. Our uniform is anything washable. And our code is leave no kid behind.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Haze

It's Sunday night and I am sifting through candy wrappers, remnants of face paint, costume casualties, and chili. What a week! It was quite spooktacular! Family parties, school parade, dog parade, friend's party, chili cook off, and trick or treating made it quite a festive holiday. I loved every minute of it. My most favorite event of all was the Park City dog parade. They closed off Main Street for the kids and dogs to strut their stuff and trick or treat. It felt like you had stepped into another world! It was wild! For one such as myself that truly appreciates a good costume on man or beast, it was total eye candy. I was inspired!

It's the Halloween hangover that I don't enjoy. I feel like I need a pair of dark glasses and would love it if everyone would please whisper (don't shout BOO one more time). I am finding cob webs in places I never imagined; peeling wax off of random surfaces; G-bean is still missing an ear to her costume; our pumpkins are shrivelling up in the front yard; the fake rat & bat decor suddenly seems out of place; G-bean & E are off kilter with the sugar & time change; and I'm exhausted! WHEW! Thank goodness we have 12 months to recover. Now it's on to Thanksgiving!

The following pictures you are about to see are real people. No photo shop or special effects have been used. Enjoy! As for the costumes, Rocky & I thought we would fast forward time and show the world what we will look like as we grow old gracefully (and tastefully). G-bean was a little pig as a tribute to her favorite story the 3 little pigs and our red brick house. E was a sweet little lamb following the herd. Jack was the cat in the hat. He was embarrassed that we couldn't find a more masculine costume for him to wear, so he
walked through a burr patch and ditched the hat to further disguise himself.