Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taking Our Show On The Road

This past weekend, we took our show on the road. We packed up the little people with gear o' plenty and headed to the great wild west... West Yellowstone & Jackson Hole to be exact.

For the most part,
our passengers were cooperative as long as the fruit snacks were flowin' and the dvd player was glowin'. We drove through spectacular country and observed all kinds of wild life (our backseat included). E-claire still stands by her story of spotting a squirrel with a fish in it's mouth and G-bean still believes her. Will wonders never cease?! Driving through the Park with the crisp fall air was magical! Speaking of magic, I am still under the spell of a life changing bacon bleu cheese burger. Thanks Cheeseburger Factory in Alpine- HMMMM! Our adventure was truly a buffet for all 5 senses.

The final destination was Hebgen Lake for my brother's wedding. It was an amazing weekend full of family, friends, and more family. Sleeping in bunk beds, dining with the masses, doing the wedding hustle, and partying with our favorite people was a wild chaotic sublime good time. What more could we have asked for? (Well maybe a masseuse would have been nice considering this old gray mare hasn't slept in a bunk bed or worn heels for quite some time). The girls were delighted to make their highly anticipated debut as flower girls. Too bad E-claire went rogue half way down the aisle. No bribe or threat could have brought her back. B-rock waged a losing battle with his bowtie...the bowtie won, but he rocked it! The bride & groom couldn't have been more in love and the wedding captured it all! It was truly enchanting! From the robot cake toppers and bride's dress to carmeled apples and the Buttros (their boxer dog) wearing a bowtie, the event was beyond perfection!