Monday, October 4, 2010

State Fair 2010

With my little people loaded in our trusty red wagon, we headed to the State Fair. Maja, the fabulous director of all things fun, was our fearless leader. Along with Aunt Lolly & Addie who decided to join the madness and entourage. Livestock, big yellow slide, slow roasted corn, rides, edible fried wonders, the mini farm and so much more. After all these years, it never gets old, especially when you have a system. Seek, eat & get dirty. Rinse & repeat.

One of the highlights, a curious goat taking a bite out of E-claire's cowgirl hat. Legendary! Another grand adventure for the books. My wild hooligans had a great time and we had the dirty bath water to prove it.


SEO Expert said...
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Em N. said...

Love the fair pics but come on, the "goldfish effect"??? I LOOOVE it! He is so big I can't stand it!